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Brisson Security offers a number of options that can be used in combination to increase the protection of your home, commercial property, family, and employees. Monitoring or onsite patrols can also be added to protect your people and investments.

We use only top brand equipment and provide professional installation services in the Fraser Valley and throughout the Lower Mainland.

Commercial and Residential Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems detect intruders with motion sensors. Some systems sound an audible alarm, and others trigger a silent alarm that is heard only in our monitoring centre, sending help quickly without alerting the intruder. Talk to our experienced and professional staff to find out which system is best for your situation.

Surveillance Systems

These systems use cameras to monitor and/or record activities in a specific area. A series of cameras can provide full coverage of your property. There are a number of options to choose from, including digital imaging and the addition of sound recording. Our experts can help you plan a system that’s right for you. For added protection, Brisson also provides real time monitoring services.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems allow only authorized personnel to enter controlled areas and can provide reports to track entry and exit of individuals. There are a range of systems to chose from, including PIN pad entry and proximity readers that detect wireless communication from a smartcard or handheld device. Our professional security planning and installation team can create a system to suit any commercial or residential property.

Security SystemsGuard ServicesPrivate InvestigationTrainingAlarms & Surveillance ProductsFingerprinting
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