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Brisson Security offers three effective forms of guard service protection that can be used together or independently. All services are available in Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Chilliwack, Langley, and throughout the Lower Mainland.

Static Post

Static post security is most often used to control access to buildings or offices. The officer remains at one location ensuring that only authorized personnel are permitted entry. The guard will ensure that any sign-in procedures are adhered to, and if desired, will issue visitor identification badges to your guests.

Foot Patrol

Foot patrols are a very effective form of dynamic security and can be used to protect people or property, or to control crowds. Guards can be provided in uniform or plain clothes to suit any situation.

Vehicle Patrol

Vehicle patrols provide a security presence over larger outdoor areas including industrial complexes, commercial buildings, and neighborhoods. Vehicle patrols can also be used in combination with a series of static post and foot patrol officers providing quick response backup to any situation that may arise.

Security SystemsGuard ServicesPrivate InvestigationTrainingAlarms & Surveillance ProductsFingerprinting
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